There are new inks on the market more frequently. New ink series, too. But an ink series like the new Octopus fluids Certified Document Ink is something very special. Because it is more than just waterproof.

Octopus fluids Certified Document Ink

The Dresden-based company Octopus fluids is certainly well known in the fountain pen segment. After all, they offer a number of inks for fountain pens. And they only recently launched the Write & Draw series. A series of waterproof inks for the fountain pen and drawing.
And now the company is bringing out two new series.

One is the Barock series. Here the old brand Barock, which already existed in GDR times and unfortunately had to give up, is revived. With ink colors and labels that remind a little of older times.

But this is about the other new series. The Octopus fluids Certified Document Ink. This ink, which is sure to soon establish itself in circles as CDI, is waterproof. And as the name implies, document-proof. And this is not the usual advertising message here.
This ink has been certified. It is thus certified document-proof. May rightly bear this name.

The Certified Document Ink (CDI) series

The inks of this series come in the small ink barrels you are used to from Octopus. Not the barrels from the Write & Draw series, but the normal ink barrels with 30 ml. These come in a small cardboard box with a viewing window. Completely without plastic.

The label also gives information: In addition to the name Octopus fluids Certified Document Ink, we have the addition “Document-proof ink DIN ISO 12757-2 cert.” written here.

The certification

The special thing about these inks is the certification. This means that an independent testing institute has tested the properties of this ink. And there are precise specifications as to what must be tested. This is specified in the 12757-2 standard. This defines what constitutes a document-proof ink.
Among other things, this is a certain degree of lightfastness. This means that the ink does not fade in the sun to such an extent that it is no longer legible. The ink must also be resistant to acids. Because this could, of course, also erase the written ink. Of course, the whole thing must not be simply erased either.

Basically, the ink must not be erasable without leaving traces.
This is also the condition for such an ink to be usable in certain areas. This is the case for unalterable documents. For example, at the notary. Or in certain areas of ministries.
Natural light is such an ink in many other areas useful. For every contract, for example. After all, you don't want the contract to be different all of a sudden. Or that it was signed on a different date.

The Octopus fluids Certified Document Ink used

The ink itself is at first like a normal ink. You draw it into the converter or fountain pen, and you can start writing right away. And it also writes like other inks.
And that is good. You don't want to have to change your behavior completely all of a sudden.
However, you shouldn't leave the fountain pen lying around for so long that the ink dries up. Because then it can also clog the ink feed. Regular cleaning helps here.

But the general writing behavior is good. The ink produces a pleasant typeface. And the fountain pens (and, in my test, the nib holder) glide pleasantly over the paper.

You don't notice that the ink is document-proof. Certified document-proof.
But it is. In a test with water drops, the ink did not come off at all. Apart from that, we also have the test of an institute that has certified the property.
In my test, which I simply had to do, there was nevertheless a surprise. A drop of water, and then rubbed over it with a cotton swab caused the writing to be “removed”. Paint remained on the cotton swab. And on the paper it came off.

What happened? You could see it as it was, but under the microscope it was clear: I didn't use it to remove or rub off the ink. The paper was rubbed off. It was very susceptible to water, and the rubbing caused the effect. This can happen. But no ink can withstand it. But it must be said clearly: here the ink was only removed, in that this removal left traces. So everything is within the norm.

Can I recommend the ink? Absolutely. It writes well. There are interesting color tones. Even the dark blue I wanted.
And with the document-proof feature, it's a little more special, but just as special.


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