A stationery fair like this means lots of interesting pens. And sometimes some new products too. I take a look back at Ambiente in Frankfurt. It's not just a stationery fair, but many manufacturers are represented here.

There is always a trade fair in Frankfurt/Main, Germany at the beginning of the year, the Ambiente.
To be more precise, Ambiente, creativeworld and christmasworld take place at the same time at Messe Frankfurt. But only the first two are of interest to us.
Neither of them are stationery fairs in this sense. But the old paperworld was merged into Ambiente. And so some manufacturers from the stationery sector are represented here.
With new products. And definitely with lots of writing instruments to look at.


A must at Ambiente is the manufacturer from Nuremberg: Kaweco.
There was not only a new stand design to admire here. Or the great presentation of the collection.

For example with the Ebonit and the Art Sport.
But also a few new products. Unfortunately, they haven't been published yet, so I'll just mention here that there are still new products to come. One with what I think is a great idea. And it was hinted that something could possibly come in the middle of the year.
But what is already new: the ink cartridges. Or rather a pack. Because here you get the different colors in one pack. One cartridge per color. A nice idea to get to know the different colors.


The Japanese company Platinum was also represented again.
Test papers and fountain pens were prepared to test the new Chou Kuro ink. And to see how black the ink really is. You could try it out in comparison with a normal ink and a carbon ink. And it really is significantly darker. Both dried and in transmitted light.
Apart from that, there were of course some fountain pens on display. Also new colors, such as these for the Procyon.

Monteverde / Conklin

Monteverde and Conklin were once again represented at their stand. And brought their impressive range with them. And of course also new products. There are two new colors for the Ritma. Or a fountain pen in the style of Mondrian.
But what was also impressive was the Color Changing Ink.
An ink suitable for fountain pens that can be used normally. However, there is a second liquid. If you go over the applied ink with this, it changes color. And it does so immediately. Not really suitable for everyday writing. However, it is certainly a nice effect for artists or special applications such as invitations. By the way, the second liquid is also suitable for fountain pens. And can even be applied before the actual ink. A little reminiscent of a secret ink…


A visit to Waldmann is always something special. Not only do they have the normal, yet very impressive, range of writing instruments, there are also always new products.
For example, their collaboration with Sekrè. Two fountain pens with extremely limited editions. Namely 23 and 38 copies. These are the Agatha Christie fountain pens, more precisely Dame Mallowan and Arthur Conan Doyle. They are very elaborately produced. And they come in an elaborate and impressive box. There are also certificates of authenticity for the original excerpt from a letter by the respective author enclosed with each fountain pen. Oh yes. And an exclusive ink. Only for these fountain pens. And can only be reordered for these pens.

The Tango Starburst, with an edition of 200, is a little simpler. But superbly engraved. This fine work sparkles almost like a precious stone.

The Grandeur also comes in a new color version: blue. Unfortunately not yet on the stand, but the first pictures have done it to me.


You probably know the Maybach brand. But not necessarily from the stationery sector. But they also offer fountain pens. Excellently crafted. Partly lacquered with the same technology and lacquer as one of the luxury cars. This creates very special lighting effects.
But that's not the only thing that makes the Maybach fountain pens special. The finial tapers towards the triangular logo, which is slightly beveled. This makes it easy to see the logo when the fountain pen is in your shirt pocket. Or is clearly visible in the case.


Diplomat has once again launched new models on the market. The Aeros are simply very good running fountain pens. So a new blue model has been launched. Painted blue. A very beautiful and glossy finish, like the Pearl White. Very difficult to photograph, though. And the blue anodized version may be discontinued.

An Aero is also coming onto the market, which is somewhat reminiscent of a vintage edition. I think it's a very interesting model.

Cleo Skribent

Cleo Skribent was also represented again. And they not only presented their range, but also the new Ebonite. This time in three color variations.


There is also a video review of the fountain pen on my YouTube channel. Just take a look.


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