The Pelikan company is well known in the fountain pen sector. Especially with its high-quality writing instruments. But there are also fountain pens from Pelikan in the medium range. And here is the new Pelikan Ineo.

The Ineo series has been around for a little while. Until now, it has been a ballpoint pen.
Now the one type of pen is effectively becoming a series. Because fountain pens are being added. The Pelikan Ineo is now a series with ballpoint pens and fountain pens.

The Pelikan Ineo unpacked

The Pelikan Ineo comes in a metal box, which in turn is in a cardboard sleeve. Everything is color-coordinated with the chosen color. Even if it is not 100% exact. But that would also be very difficult. The fountain pen is perfectly presented in this embossed metal box.

In my opinion, the Ineo is a minimalist pen. It has a very simplistic exterior. It is drop-shaped. This prevents the fountain pen from rolling away (if the cap is on) and, of course, also indicates a clip.
Under the clip-on cap, we have a black grip section and a plain nib decorated only with the Pelikan logo.

The fountain pen, and the ballpoint pen, is available in six different colors: Black Rock, Clearing Breeze, Lavender Scent, Ocean Blue, Green Oasis and Fiery Red.

Using the Ineo

The Ineo sits comfortably in the hand. Despite its metal casing, it is not very heavy. And it is very neutrally balanced. So it should appeal to many. Regardless of whether you have large or small hands.

The nib writes very comfortably on paper. Although we have a very plain nib here, it glides smoothly over the paper and has minimal feedback.
What amazes me here is that it allows a little line variation even with low pressure. I didn't expect that in this segment. But I like it very much.

The fountain pen comes with a large capacity cartridge from Pelikan.
And it has to be said: you can't use converters. If you use normal standard cartridges, only the directly inserted one will fit. A reserve in the barrel does not fit.


In my opinion, the design of the Ineo is quite minimalist. But I like it. The simple shape, the implied clip and the surface have something. Something that appeals to me.
I also really like the nib itself. It's not the best fountain pen I've ever written with. Absolutely not. But it is a good fountain pen. Especially in this price range.

I really enjoy using it. And it's also available in a few fresh colors.

But then we have the points of criticism that I have already mentioned above. But first things first: they don't affect everyone. And I'm probably not the target group for this fountain pen either (unfortunately).
No converter fits into this fountain pen. I have tested all my converters from various manufacturers. And this collection is not small. None of them fit. They are all a little too “thick”. That's a shame. But if you only use cartridges anyway, it doesn't matter. So new cartridges, or cartridges that have been filled with a syringe.

But then the second point: no spare cartridge fits into the barrel.
You can often insert a second cartridge into the barrel of a cartridge filler upside down. And you have a reserve later. But that doesn't work here. This second cartridge gets stuck. In the test, I had to drill it out. Fortunately, without damaging the fountain pen or causing the cartridge to leak. But that doesn't have to be the case.

What is surprising, however, is the nib inside the barrel. A small nib ensures that the long cartridges are pressed a little more firmly into the grip section. They also ensure a better grip and prevent the cartridge from coming loose in the event of strong movements or falling.
THAT was a surprise. But a positive one.

All in all, I am ambivalent about the fountain pen. But that's only because I can't use a converter like I normally love. However, I really like the writing behavior, look and feel of the Ineo.
So if you don't use converters anyway, this is a great fountain pen.

Technical data

Long / Short version

Weight (empty)

Complete: 22 g
without cap: 16 g
Cap: 6 g


Cap: 11 mm
Barrel: 10.9 mm
Mouthpiece: 8.5 mm


closed: 14.2 cm
without cap: 12.9 cm
cap posted: -


Closure: Plugged-on
Type: Cartridge


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