The new Kaweco Supra Black is old and modern at the same time. The big brother of the Liliput is now also available in a black version. And it is different from the other versions of this pen.

Kaweco Supra Black

Kaweco has already had the Supra in its range for some time. It was based on the design of the Liliput a hundred years ago. So the Supra is actually an old pen. However, it has been reissued by Kaweco. The first version was made of brass, which took on a patina over time, as no surface protection was applied on purpose.
Now it is also available in a black version. The dimensions are the same, as is the general appearance. But there are differences.

The Kaweco Supra Black unpacked

The fountain pen comes in Kaweco's typical metal box. This not only provides a sturdy case for the purchase but also, if you wish, a storage option for later. Not just for the fountain pen.
In addition to the fountain pen, there is also a warranty card and a sticker.

At first glance, the Kaweco Supra Black is rather inconspicuous. At second glance, however, its special features become apparent. For example, there is no clip. At least not by default. The finial and barrel end are strongly rounded. The barrel diameter changes once. One piece under the cap.
If you unscrew the cap, we have a grip section in the same style as the barrel and the large nib.
If you unscrew the fountain pen further, you get to the inserted cartridge. However, you can unscrew the fountain pen one more time.
This is because the Supra has a removable middle section. If you remove this, the Supra is significantly shorter, but still usable.

The Kaweco Supra Black is a metal fountain pen. More precisely, made of aluminum. It is available in the nib widths Extra Fine to Extra Broad.

Using the fountain pen

The fountain pen fits well in my large hand. It is rather neutral in terms of weight distribution. If you remove the middle section, the fountain pen is significantly shorter and far too short for me. This means the fountain pen is only suitable for taking notes. But it is good for that.

The nib glides pleasantly over the paper, with minimal feedback. It writes really pleasantly, especially because I have a fine nib here in the tests.
And this nib not only glides pleasantly over the paper, it can also produce some line variance. A good line variance for a normal fine nib.

The thread is not the shortest. But it is still within the limits. Incidentally, the cap can then also be screwed onto the barrel end. The thread is not unpleasant if you should touch it.

We are dealing with a cartridge filler here. This can also be filled with a normal standard converter. However, this is only possible if the centerpiece is inserted. If this is removed, it is too short for a normal converter.

My conclusion on the Kaweco Supra Black

I like the Kaweco Supra Black. I already liked the brass version. But I'm not sure which one I like better. The Black is much lighter. And it's black. But the brass Supra takes on its own patina. It lives.
But one thing is clear: the Supra is good.
It sits well in the hand. At least in the long version. But that's also how I use it. If I want a shorter version of this fountain pen, I use the Liliput. It's actually identical in appearance. It's just thinner. And without a middle section. But the relationship is more than obvious.

The Supra was designed along the lines of the Lilliput. And that was around a hundred years ago. But it is clearly new. Especially in this lightweight version. Incidentally, thanks to the material, it has a different feel to the previous Supra. These were made of brass or steel/stainless steel. So you could say: if you know the Supra, you don't know the Supra Black.

What I really like is the nib. It writes well, especially for a fine nib. And then with line variation. Great.

The fact that this pen doesn't have a clip is intentional. If you still want one, you can buy a clip. But one thing is clear: the Supra is original without a clip. No matter which of the Supra versions you look at.

Technical data

Long / Short version

Weight (empty)

Complete: 19 g / 14 g
without cap: 15 g / 11 g
Cap: 3 g


Cap: 12.4 mm
Barrel: 12.4 mm / 11.5 mm
Mouthpiece: 10 mm


closed: 13 cm / 9.9 cm
without cap: 12.5 cm / 9.4 cm
attached cap: 16.4 cm / 13.3 cm


Closure: Screwed
Type: Cartridge / converter / cartridge


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