Pelikan has released two new versions of the popular Pura. One of them is the limited 15 Years of Pura version. Let's take a look at the Pelikan Pura fountain pen.

The company Pelikan has several fountain pens in their assortment. Even if quite a few mostly the Souverän series and the school fountain pens come to mind. For example, an M800 or even an M1000 are well known.
But Pelikan has more fountain pens in their assortment, which are between school fountain pens and Souveräns. One of them is the Pura. Which, by the way, I already showed here once.
This Pura now gets two new versions.
One is a violet version, which is supposed to replace the Bordeaux version. And then the limited 15 Years of Pura version. A fountain pen in turquoise.
Because the Pura has already been on the market for 15 years. Even if it wasn't in the range for a while.
But this special date Pelikan has now used to bring a special version of this fountain pen on the market.

We took a look at the Pelikan Pura.

The Pura in itself is a fountain pen in a modern/timeless design. We have a metal body. The cap and barrel have almost the same diameter, while this decreases slightly towards the finial. Towards the barrel end, it tapers a bit more. Whereas the finial and the barrel end are flat in themselves. Both are silver colored, while the rest is otherwise colored.
A wide clip, in a modern interpretation of a pelican beak, adorns the cap. This is spring-loaded and extends into the finial, where the logo is applied.
A unique feature on the Pura is the long silver field along the barrel, connecting a thin silver ring at the base to the cap to the barrel end, where there is also a silver ring.
Under the clip-on cap, we have a silver grip section and a modern nib.

The “15 Years of Pura” Edition

The 15 years version is different from the normal appearance. The shape is identical. But the barrel has no silver field or rings. There is a pattern incorporated here. This can be felt in the handle.

This pattern consists of many “Y”, which is also used in the logo of this version. As I said, there is no silver colored field here either. But it is figuratively present. Because here the pattern is not present. But it is done in turquoise.
At the cap end, we have a “15 Years of Pura” here instead of the “Germany” which is next to the ” Pelikan”.

Using the fountain pen

The Pura, no matter which version, feels good in the hand. It is long enough for large hands. But even small hands should find a pen that lies well here. But of course, the Pura is not the lightest. After all, the Pura is made of metal, but the weight is not too great. Also, the center of gravity is in the front.
With the cap on the back, we then still have a fountain pen that lies well in the hand, but the center of gravity has shifted to the back.

The nib writes pleasantly over the paper. It glides well and provides audible feedback. However, the nib is rather stiff, although there is some line variance with medium pressure.
Pelikan uses the standard cartridge format. It also comes with a long gem ink cartridge right away. This means that a standard ink converter can also be used.

My conclusion about the Pelikan Pura fountain pen

The Pelikan Pura is a fountain pen that looks good. With the metal casing, it's also sturdy. It writes well. And price-wise, it's also okay. I called it a good all-rounder in my first review, and it is.

The cap is plugged in, but it holds tight. Even on my Pura, which I've had for quite a few years. So there's less chance of the cap coming off when you're on the road. So you can take it with you sometimes without an extra case.

The purple color version is not quite mine. But that's only because of the color. And in the meantime, there are but a few. And that makes it interesting. The Bordeaux color is now dropped, but we have violet.

The “15 Years of Pura” version is something special. I think it's interesting to do a special version for such an anniversary. And I like the idea here. To cover the otherwise colored area with a pattern and to suggest the otherwise silver field by the absence of the pattern. An idea that works, in my opinion. Works well. Very good is that the version is mentioned again on the cap. Because otherwise this is completely normal. Only in turquoise.

But no matter which version you have, I think the pen is good. The design is still modern even after 15 years. So timeless. And the writing characteristics are good. So all in all a good fountain pen for many purposes.

Many thanks to Pelikan for sending the test sample.

Technical data

Pelikan Pura violet and “15 Years of Pura” are identical

Weight (empty)

Complete: 33 g
without cap: 23 g
Cap: 10 g


cap: 12.1 mm
barrel: 11.9 mm
Mouthpiece: 10.4 mm


closed: 13.9 cm
without cap: 12,4 cm
attached cap: 15.5 cm


Closure: Plugged
Type: Cartridge / Converter


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