This series is clearly a success. That's why the Diplomat Aero Oxyd is now available. The latest fountain pen in the Aero series from Diplomat. And the Oxyd is clearly more than just a new color.

The Aero series from Diplomat now offers several color versions. And not just color versions. The Aero originated as a writing instrument with an aluminum body. Which was anodized. There are now also lacquered Aeros. Or, with the Flame, an Aero made of stainless steel.
The Oxyd is made of brass. And therefore the heaviest Aero ever.

Unpacking the Diplomat Aero Oxyd

Like all high-quality fountain pens from Diplomat, the Aero Oxyd comes in a high-quality box. This has an aluminum lid that can be slid down. The writing instrument is then in this box.

The Aero has a shape inspired by zeppelins. The gently tapering barrel and cap, each ending in a point. The cap and barrel taper to different degrees. The resemblance to a zeppelin is only reinforced by the indentations that run along the cap and barrel.

At the end of the cap we have a wider, flat ring, which is decorated with the lettering “DIPLOMAT” and “germany”.

The cap is clip-on cap. And with a “soft sliding click”, as the system is called. A gentle opening and closing, with a soft click.
There is a large nib under the cap.

The Diplomat Aero Oxyd holds standard ink cartridges or converters.

Using the fountain pen

The fountain pen sits comfortably in the hand. This is also due to its special shape. The barrel gets thinner towards the end, so it fits well in any hand size.
However, with the cap on at the back, it becomes quite heavy towards the end. And in the writing position, there is already a forward pressure.

The nib glides comfortably over the paper, with only minimal feedback. With a little pressure, the nib can also do a little line variation. Not that I would call it a flex, but it is line variance.

My conclusion

The “Aero” series is a great success for Diplomat. And there are now many versions. The first Aeros were made of aluminum, which was anodized. Available in several colors. Then a lacquered version. There is also a flamed Aero made of stainless steel.

The Diplomat Aero Oxyd is made of brass. And visually it looks a little vintage. The recesses are dark, and only the raised elements are shiny from use. At least that's how it looks. Very well made. And yet another completely new aero. If only because of the material.

And yes, the Aero is popular. It also simply feels good in the hand. That's what makes it popular. And it doesn't matter how big your hand is. The shape takes care of that. The Aero Oxyd is the heaviest Aero to date. If you like lightweight fountain pens, you won't be a fan here. For them, the aluminum Aeros make more sense.
But some people like heavy fountain pens. Me, for example. And I've always liked the Aero shape. The new Aero Oxyd is an excellent fountain pen for me.

Of course, it comes with a good, large nib. Which is fun to use. A smooth glide and minimal feedback. And if you like, you can create a little line variance. But in such a way that you don't run the risk of getting into trouble if you don't like it. The nib is rigid enough.

Technical data

Long / Short version

Weight (empty)

Complete: 76 g
without cap: 54 g
Cap: 22 g


Cap: 14,9 mm
Barrel: 14.9 mm
Mouthpiece: 11 mm


closed: 14 cm
without cap: 12.9 cm
cap posted: 16.2 cm


Closure: Plugged-on
Type: Cartridge / Converter


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