It comes in the color combination black and orange. The new Diplomat Elox Matrix. This color version is one of the novelties of Diplomat this year.

This basic shape started with the Aero. It reminds of a zeppelin. Now there are already for some time a few more models with this shape. The Elox for example. Or the Elox Matrix. And this Diplomat Elox Matrix came out this year in a new color variant in black/orange.
A black barrel made of aluminum with orange engraving. The pattern of the Matrix is vertical and horizontal lines. Which cross each other. And thereby also often have interruptions.

The Diplomat Elox Matrix unpacked

As we know from Diplomat, this fountain pen comes in the typical packaging. A white glossy cardboard box printed with the logo contains the actual box. This is made of bent aluminum, into which the actual box can be slid out of cardboard. In here we have the pen. And, in a bottom layer, also two ink cartridges and a warranty card.

The Elox Matrix has a metal body, made of aluminum. It converges slightly sharpened in the cap, the barrel end is a little more pointed. At the cap end, we have added white lettering “DIPLOMAT” and “Germany”. The shape is remotely reminiscent of a zeppelin. The Elox matrix is satin black. And has orange engravings. It is thus eye-catching.
Under the clip-on cap (which fits well), we have a large grip section that is the same orange as the engravings.

Also, here is the, typical for Diplomat, large nib.
Available is the fountain pen with nib thicknesses EF to B, and also with 14k BiColor gold nib.

The Diplomat Elox Matrix written

Anyone who has ever held a Diplomat with this shape in their hand knows how well the pen lies here. The shape simply ensures a good position. The weight distribution is also comfortable.

Those who put the cap on the back of the barrel will be happy to know that the fountain pen feels great in hand with it, too. For me, the weight distribution is actually excellent this way. However, I am not a fan of the attached cap.
The nib writes pleasantly smoothly, which is also typical for Diplomat. At most, there is little feedback as the nib glides over the paper.

However, the line variance is rather low. It is achievable with pressure, but that is not a strength of these nibs. This is also normally more something for more experienced fountain pen users who are looking for just that. Fountain pens that have more rigid nibs are universal. But it is fun to use with this fountain pen.

My conclusion about the fountain pen

The Matrix is a great writing instrument. Striking. A silky matte barrel with orange engravings is simply eye-catching. The shape, although of course familiar from other Diplomat fountain pens, is not the usual shape for fountain pens. But it has advantages.
The differences from the Elox and Aero are there, even though it's the same shape. A shape that works for Diplomat. They have found something with it that customers also like. Like me.

By the way, the fountain pen is anodized. Double. The black is not lacquered. Neither is the orange. Both colors are anodized one after the other, making them very durable and robust. But to do this twice is of course costly. But it is worth it.
By the way, you can easily see that they are real engravings. And not something so cast or pressed. This is visible on close inspection. And the engravings are well done. The indentations are also noticeable. But that is not negative. Nor disturbing.
Only people who don't like metal grip zones might not like the Diplomat Elox Matrix. Like all other fountain pens of this shape from Diplomat, this one is just metal. But designed large, so that is good to use.
The cap is only clip-on. But it holds securely.

Pleasant is the nib. It is a large nib. Which, of course, works particularly well. But it also writes well. A pleasant writing behavior, which is even really fun.

The variant in orange works well, it is a little more discreet than the green version. But still striking.

Technical data

Weight (empty)

Complete: 32 g
without cap: 20 g
Cap: 12 g


cap: 15 mm
barrel: 15 mm
Mouthpiece: 11 mm


closed: 14 cm
without cap: 12,9 cm
attached cap: 16 cm


Closure: Plugged
Type: Cartridge / Converter


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