A fountain pen reminiscent of a zeppelin, and in a new color version? This is definitely the Diplomat AERO pearl white.

With the Aero, the Diplomat company launched a model that was well received. Not for nothing there are now umpteen versions of this model. And variants like the Elox and Matrix. But the Aero is available in several color versions. Meanwhile also in a color version “pearl white”. At the Ambiente trade show, I was already shown a sample, of the then not yet released fountain pen. But now it is available. And we take a close look at it here. And it brought back memories.

The Diplomat Aero pearl white unpacked

Diplomat always has special packaging for their higher end fountain pens. And that includes the Aero as well. We always have a white printed cardboard box here. In this we find the actual packaging. The special thing here is always the “lid”, or case. Because this consists of bent and printed aluminum. From this one can push out the inner life. Inside, the Aero is held securely.

The Diplomat Aero pearl white is the new color version of the well known Aero series.

All fountain pens of this series are characterized by this special shape. Two differently tapered tips, with a thicker middle part, which is surrounded by grooves along the barrel, more precisely the cap and the barrel. The shape reminds, at least me, very strongly of zeppelins. Whereas the name Aero does go in that direction.

The cap and the barrel are pearl white. The decorative elements, which are here the finial, the barrel end and the clip, are kept in a matte black.

We have a clip-on cap here. And this opens and closes gently, with a fine click. That's a special closing behavior, and not just because Diplomat calls it a “soft sliding click”. At the same time, the cap holds really reliably.

Under the cap, we have the matte black metal grip section. And the silver, and for Diplomat typical, large nib.

The Diplomat Aero pearl white is available with nib widths EF to B. Also with a gold nib.

By the way, a converter was already inserted in the fountain pen.

The fountain pen written

In my opinion, the fountain pen fits perfectly in the hand. Even in large hands, it is easy to hold. However, it is relatively tight here. But the special shape ensures that the pen fits well in the hand. Certainly also for smaller hands.

The cap can be put on the back of the barrel. Even if I am not a fan of it. The pen still lies well in the hand with this.

The nib writes comfortably. It has feedback, but glides smoothly over the paper. The nib is relatively stiff, but can still achieve a little line variance.

My conclusion about the Diplomat Aero pearl white

First of all: I like the Aero. I already liked it when I saw it for the first time at the “paperworld” fair. That was the orange version, which I already wrote about here in the blog.

In the meantime many versions came out, for example also the Flame presented here.

But now it's about the Diplomat Aero pearl white. The newest color version of the Aero.

And even though there are certainly rarer colors or color combination in the fountain pen sector, in my opinion the combination of white and black is always special.
And yes, it can bring back memories. It's not for nothing that there is a Pelikan fountain pen commonly known as Stormtrooper.
This fountain pen here also brought back those memories for me. A white barrel with black decorative elements. It fits.
But there is one downer: the nib. Don't get me wrong, this one writes beautifully. But it is silver.
In my opinion, a black nib would have worked really well here. But so far, Diplomat has no such nibs in the range. In this respect understandable, but still a pity.

Otherwise, the Aero range is great in itself. Even if the Pearl White is different from the others of its kind. Not only from the Aero Flame, which is completely out of line anyway.
The pearl white is painted, and not anodized like the others. This gives it a distinctly different feel. And not only that, it is also 0.5 mm thicker than the anodized versions. The lacquer layer just.

And if you look closely, you can see that this pen is not pure white. It is pearl white. It has small particles in the paint that provide a pearl effect. That looks good. But it's not immediately noticeable. It's a subtle appearance.
I like that.

All in all, this is a pen from Diplomat that you should like to take a look at. Because it is something special. And if not the pearl white, then one of the other versions.

Technical data

Weight (empty)

complete: 39 g
without cap: 28 g
cap: 11 g


Cap: 14.7 mm
barrel: 14,4 mm
Mouthpiece: 11,2 mm


closed: 14 cm
without cap: 12,9 cm
cap posted: 16.2 cm


Closure: Plugged
Type: Cartridge / Converter


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