Otto Hutt fountain pens are high-quality writing instruments. This is also true of the Otto Hutt design05, but it stands out.
Not only because the pen here is in bright yellow.

This fountain pen is striking. And I've been meaning to show it for a while now. Because it is special. It is the Otto Hutt design05 and probably the most striking fountain pen in the Otto Hutt range.
A company that is already represented here on the blog with a few pens, including fountain pens like the design08 and designC.

The design05 is special. Because it is not only a fountain pen, you can also use it on smartphones and tablets.

Unpacking the Otto Hutt design05

As usual with the Otto Hutt fountain pens, the design05 comes in an elegant packaging. In a black case is the actual box. Both the black case and the white box made of sturdy cardboard have the Otto Hutt logo. They look noble.
Inside the box, the first thing we find is the fountain pen.
Under the top layer we find two replacement touch tips (more on that later), a microfiber cleaning cloth, general instructions, and the warranty card.

The fountain pen itself is striking. Alone already from the shape. The cap has a checkered pattern engraved and is, in this case, in yellow. The finial and clip are high gloss silver. The Otto Hutt logo is engraved on the finial. On the side of the finial we have the lettering “Otto Hutt” and on the opposite side is engraved “Germany” and the serial number. Because all Otto Hutt fountain pens have a serial number.

The barrel end has a black touch tip.

The cap is screwed, but can be opened with less than one turn. The silver metal grip zone and nib are revealed underneath. 

The fountain pen without the cap is very short. But the cap can be posted.

An important point is that the fountain pen is so short that no normal converter fits in here. So if you don't want to use an ink cartridge, you have to resort to a small converter.

The Otto Hutt design05 is available with the nib widths EF to B. It is also available in yellow, blue, mint, platinum, black and black with rose gold elements. 

The fountain pen written

Without the cap, the fountain pen does not fit in the hand. It is too short. It is only held in place by the fingers. But when you post the cap, the fountain pen sits excellently in the hand. The length and weight make the fountain pen sit so well on the hand.

The nib is very pleasant to write with. It glides smoothly over the paper, with minimal feedback. At the same time, the nib can also create a bit of line variance. With moderate pressure. 

The fountain pen with smartphones and tablets

The Otto Hutt design05 has a touch tip. And this, as you can imagine, is designed to operate smartphones and tablets. So you can still use the fountain pen for writing when it's closed, just on electronic devices. And this works flawlessly. There were no problems with it in my tests. 

Replacing the touch tip

The touch tip can of course be damaged in everyday use. It is always accessible and not protected by the cap. On the contrary. The touch tip is attached to the end of the fountain pen and is always openly accessible. So you can use it quickly. 

Fortunately, however, if you have damaged it, you can replace this tip. And that is quite simple.
You simply take a long and thin object, such as a screwdriver, and push the tip out from the inside.
The pen comes with two replacement tips. And if necessary, you can also buy them. Two for less than eight euros.
You simply take one of these tips and press it into the existing opening. That then holds. A simple principle, but it works well.

My conclusion about the design05

The fountain pen is striking. It has a strong, almost bright yellow in this variant.
The shape is also striking. The rather normal cap and then the end, which is graded significantly thinner and short. It almost seems as if the pen is missing something. Which is not the case. On the contrary, compared to other fountain pens, this one still has a touch tip.

Everyone can decide for themselves how useful such a touch tip is. However, it is sometimes quite practical and some people like to use it.

An interesting combination has been created here. A fountain pen that can also be used to operate smartphones. Which has a housing made of metal. And a screwed cap. This makes this fountain pen ideal for taking with you. It is more or less an EDC, an Every Day Carry. You can always have it with you. 

The fact that you can change the touch tip here so easily is proof that they really put some thought into it. It's also a testament to the fact that we have a screw-on cap here. Because that makes it safer to take along. But also that this cap can be opened with less than one turn.
It's a practical pen. 

And the motto “form follows function” comes to mind. A motto that is always associated with the Bauhaus. And the Otto Hutt company is very close to this.

It is a good pen. Appearance is, as always, a matter of taste. But when closed, small and practical. When open (with cap posted) excellent for writing.
And a nib that writes fantastically. This is a good fountain pen in my eyes. 
And when the cap is on the back, the Otto Hutt design05 looks almost like a normal fountain pen. 

Can I recommend it? Absolutely.
It's even a fun fountain pen.

Technical data

Weight (empty)

  • Complete: 46 g
  • without cap: 24 g
  • Cap: 22 g


  • Cap: 14.6 mm
  • barrel: 11 mm
  • grip section: 9,5 mm


  • closed: 12,4 cm
  • without cap: 9,8 cm
  • cap posted: 12,3 cm


Closure: Screwed
Type: Cartridge/Converter (Mini)


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