The company Diplomat has turned 100 years old this year. And like many companies, there is therefore a special fountain pen. That's why we're taking a close look at this Diplomat Nexus. An eyedropper.

Such a special anniversary must be celebrated: 100 years of existence. For Diplomat, 2022 has been that time. And they have, to celebrate the anniversary, brought out a special pen. Something very special. 
The result is the Diplomat Nexus.
Unlike some other companies, however, we don't have a particularly expensive, limited edition here. But simply a very special fountain pen.
When I saw this pen for the first time, and realized what kind of pen it is, I had to show it to you.
Thankfully, Diplomat saw it the same way.

The Diplomat Nexus unpacked

Diplomat has a set approach to packaging their high-quality pens. Inside a white cardboard box, printed with the Diplomat lettering, is the actual packaging. This consists of a case made of aluminum, in which the box, which is open at the top, can be slid out.
The principle is the same for the Nexus. This packaging is the same here as well. Here is also once again a printed, strong, paper to give the pen still the last protection.
But this packaging is big. Significantly larger than for the normal fountain pens.

But that has its reason. After all, there is more in the packaging than for the other fountain pens.

In the package is still a good, illustrated instructions. Also, we have here two pipettes in a lower layer and a special holder, including changeable inkwell.

You can already tell, the fountain pen is special.

The Diplomat Nexus has a modern design. It has a very straight design, the cap and barrel have almost the same diameter. The metal body is kept black and has silver colored trim elements. These are the finial, the clip, a decorative ring at the cap end and the barrel end.

The finial is adorned with the Diplomat logo. On the clip, there is a teardrop-shaped recess. An element that we also find in the logo.

The barrel end is decorated with the lettering “Diplomat Germany”.

In addition, we have two ink windows that are placed lengthwise in the barrel.

The cap is screwed here, but can be unscrewed with about one turn. Underneath, we find a metal grip zone with grooves and the stainless steel nib. 

When we unscrew the pen further, the first thing that catches the eye is a sealing ring. This is because we are looking at an eyedropper. The fountain pen is not filled with a cartridge or can be directly filled with ink. The filler opening is not completely open, however; a piece of metal is attached in the center.

It is also noticeable that the grip section can be pushed a little into the barrel. But this is not intended for manual operation. Because when you twist the cap closed, the grip section is pushed in a bit, sealing the ink chamber. A newly developed mechanism from Diplomat.

By the way, the Diplomat Nexus is available in a black and a blue version. The nib thicknesses EF, F, M and B are available. A 14k gold nib is also available, in which case the decorative elements of the fountain pen are gold-colored.

Filling the fountain pen

The Nexus is an eyedropper. A very special kind of pen. There is no connection for a cartridge or converter. And also no mechanism to draw up the ink like with a piston fountain pen.
Here, the ink is filled into the barrel with a pipette.
The big advantage is that usually much more ink can be absorbed. Diplomat itself speaks of the content of up to seven ink cartridges.

To make this filling easier, Diplomat has supplied a holder. And this is in the typical Diplomat style. An aluminum case with a foam insert. On the one hand, this already holds a Diplomat Black inkwell. But of course it can also be equipped with other inkwells.
Important here are the two round openings. One enclosed in plastic, the other like this. The unscrewed nib element is placed in the plastic-lined opening. The barrel is placed in the other opening. So you don't have to hold the pen and fill it at the same time.

The whole system is tilt-proof and well thought-out.
This makes it easy to pick up the ink from the inkwell with the pipette and fill the barrel.
By the way, you shouldn't fill too high, because the thread of the nib unit engages here. The instructions talk about filling it high enough to cover the viewing window. 

Writing with the Diplomat Nexus

If you've ever written with a Diplomat fountain pen, you'll probably already know the writing feel. For here, too, we have a fountain pen that can be judged as rather rigid, but with pressure it can certainly create a bit of line variance. It glides smoothly over the paper, with minimal feedback.
Writing with it is quite pleasant.

My conclusion about the Diplomat Nexus

As I wrote above, I was immediately taken with the Diplomat Nexus. And I still am.
The modern, straightforward design appeals to me personally. It's straightforward, but it makes its own mark.

Especially the black version with silver trim elements looks very good in my opinion.
The viewing windows provide a good insight into the ink level, but also fit so well into the design.

The finial and barrel end are also very interesting and elegant. They are held in high-gloss silver and then provided with the logo or lettering. That looks good. Especially that the barrel end is also upgraded here, which otherwise plays a rather niche existence.

Of course, it is particularly interesting that we have an eyedropper here. These types of fountain pens are not commonly found. That's what makes them special. So special that some convert other fountain pens to an eyedropper.

But here we have a fountain pen designed that way. With a body made of metal. And a special locking system. This is supposed to, when screwing the cap shut, seal the ink supply well. So well, in fact, that it is said to be easy to carry on an airplane. 
I haven't tested this now, but the impression the cap makes is good. 

Here one has thought about.

This is also noticeable in the supplied holder. So refilling is really a small matter. And safe. The barrel is held securely in the holder and cannot topple over. Something that is already significantly more complicated with other eyedroppers. Hold with one hand, fill with the other. It works. But with this holder, which also offers space for the ink bottle, it is easier. It's really comfortable.

I must say, this fountain pen has convinced me.
Here Diplomat has decided not to make a limited edition for the anniversary, but a very special pen in the normal range.

Because many companies, rightly so, make especially elaborate fountain pens for such an anniversary. And that's great, too. But this way, you have a greater chance of using a special pen.
And the Diplomat Nexus is special. And affordable.
But you've already shown with the Zepp that Diplomat can also produce limited editions. 

The Diplomat Nexus is also very nice to write with. I like the way the fountain pen feels in the hand. However, not everyone will feel the same way. The metal body makes the pen a bit heavier, of course. And it's definitely not small.

The fact that the cap can't be put on doesn't bother. You rarely do that anyway. 

What will bother some, however, is the metal grip zone. However, the grooves ensure that it sits better in the hand than simple metal grip zones.

For me, the Diplomat Nexus is a fountain pen that I really like.

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Technical data

Weight (empty)

complete: 55 g
without cap: 36 g
cap: 19 g


cap: 15 mm
barrel: 13,7 mm
grip section: 11 mm


closed: 14,5 cm
without cap: 14 cm
cap posted: –


Closure: Screwed
Type: Eyedropper


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