An edition that makes the fountain pen look completely different? The Parker IM Vibrant Rings form a collection of the IM pens in a new look. And they look different right away, too.

Parker has been selling the IM for a long time. But now it is also available, for example, in the “Vibrant Rings” collection. With this collection Parker wants to address, according to their own statement, young professionals who want to make your career. Whether this succeeds, I can't say, but I can take a closer look at the fountain pen for us.


The Parker IM Vibrant Rings comes in a small cardboard box. With an embossed logo. The inside is designed to slide out. Here we then have the fountain pen. And in the bottom layer, the extensive warranty statement and a long ink cartridge.
The pen is also immediately noticeable.

Because what we have here is a matte black fountain pen that has a distinctive colored trim ring on it. In this case, I have the Flame Orange version, and the trim ring is a vibrant orange.
Under the clip-on cap, we have a glossy black grip section, with a trim ring towards the barrel in the same color as the large trim ring.
The nib is also in black. And it looks quite stocky. If you compare it to a nib from another manufacturer, this becomes even more apparent.

What's important to note is that this fountain pen requires Parker cartridges, or converters. The connection of the Parker cartridges is slightly different from the standard cartridges and should therefore be used with the original cartridges. Or converters.

The Parker IM Vibrant Rings is available with a fine nib and a medium nib. Besides the Flame Orange version, it is also available in Marine Blue and Amethyst Purple.

The Parker IM Vibrant Rings written

The fountain pen is long enough, even for large hands. However, I personally don't like the weight distribution as much without the cap on. With the cap on the back, it is excellent for me in the hand.

The fountain pen writes well. The nib glides reasonably over the paper. And the ink application is consistently good. You feel a small feedback, which is pleasant.
However, writing with the fountain pen can feel slightly inhibited at first. I've had this with other coated/inked nibs. However, this behavior, when it occurs, quickly subsides with use.

The nib does allow for minimal line variance when writing though. It is a stiff nib.


The Parker IM Vibrant Rings is a good usable fountain pen with a subtle appearance. The fact that it nevertheless creates a stir with the colored ring sounds counter-intuitive at first. However, this is actually the case. The shape and general color of the fountain pen in this collection is subtle. A silky matte fountain pen in black with a rather unexciting shape. But then this distinctly contrasting colored ring. Here in orange. It makes an impact. I like it.
It's also excellent that Parker went the black nib route here. That brings the impression across even better.

But the nib is also striking. It's different from many other fountain pens. It looks squat. As if a normal nib had been compressed a little.
This shape is striking. At least for those who are used to other nibs. But the shape doesn't matter. The important thing is that the nib writes.

And it does write. It writes well. Not super, but good. Also pleasant. Even more so when the nib has been written in a little. I think that's a bit down to the coating.

But is it the ideal pen for young professionals? I don't know. But it is a good fountain pen for quite a small amount of money. And I would say it's worth the price.

Technical data

Weight (empty)

Complete: 26 g
without cap: 16 g
Cap: 10 g


Cap: 12.6 mm
barrel: 11,5 mm
grip section: 10 mm


closed: 13,7 cm
without cap: 11,7 cm
attached cap: 15,2 cm


Closure: Closed
Type: Cartridge/Converter (Parker)


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